“Disney” Dad

I have a “Disney” dad. What is a Disney dad you may ask, well it is a dad who wants none of the responsibilities of being an actual dad, but if he can have fun with the kids or party with them he is right there.

The minute my dad no longer had to pay child support, which he acted like was beyond painful, he quit doing anything that a normal father should have to do. My father really knows nothing about me, he never really has if I think about it long and hard. As a child my father was never really around because he was traveling for “business” and even once my parents did live together again after their separation he took no attempt in getting to know me.  He found out about my abortion last year and has never even tried to talk to me about it or asked me if I am okay. Which yes, he did find out long after it having happened but still it is odd that he has never brought it up in all the times where we have been alone.

But anyways, my dad doesn’t help pay for any of my stuff, mom and her husband try to but he is more than willing to take us to do small, cheap fun things. My dad quite often says he is broke and doesn’t have the money to help pay for things but then him and his wife turn around and go on serious, expensive vacations. I’m not saying he has to pay for much but if you have a child then their are responsibilities and you should want to be there for them no matter how old they are.

I guess what I am saying is guys it doesn’t matter how old you are if you are willing to have overprotective sex in marriage or out or even plan for a child with your spouse then be prepared for the cost and don’t be a “Disney” dad. Be the dad that your son/daughter can turn to for advice and when things are wrong. Be the dad for your daughter that shows her how men should treat her by how you treat her and her mother. Realize that the responsibilities really never go away, they will always be there and grow to love it. Yes, being a “Disney” dad can be fun for the child but in the end they will lack serious things that other kids had growing up from a dad that was there for them.


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