Love Lost

I haven’t written in a while. I have been busy with life, its weird how it goes in waves where one can be so busy they just can’t hardly function, then things slow down. I haven’t quite reached the slow down part yet but hopefully I will soon.

Honestly I think I got into a funk where I could have cared less if I wrote even though this is a huge outlet for me when life happens.

Today I had the benefit of having a wonderful conversation with a 10 year old boy who is blind. He wasn’t born blind, his dad shook him when he was little which caused trauma and the blindness. But for someone who was not always blind and who is so young he is always so happy. We could learn a lot from him. He is 10 and has been through so much but his faith is still so strong. I wish I could keep my faith strong like him through the hard times. He is amazing. I feel like he will grow up to do amazing things and change lives.

On another random thought because this entry is just going to be random is it possible to love someone but never have the chance to be with them? To move on and be dating someone but those feelings always be there, in the back. Its causing me to wonder a lot of what if’s. I got to talking with a guy from my past and we started reminiscing about times past and its like I remembered everything as if it had happened just yesterday and its been over a year. I could remember details, feelings, just everything. I don’t know why, but scientists say that things get stored into your long term memory when they are associated with a strong emotion. I used to think I loved him….but things were to complicated and now we definitely can’t be together. There is no chance of that at all and it is probably for the best. But is it possible? I will never know what could have been, the one chance we had to find out was stolen from us because of an immature girl.

Life is strange and everything happens for a reason. I will try to start writing more. It has been far to long.