Living With A Stranger

Living with strangers…..good or bad? That is the question.

College has started and I am living in a four bedroom apartment with three girls that I don’t know. Two of them are from Iowa and one is from South Korea. The 3 of us Iowa girls are getting along and we hang out and we really want our roommate from South Korea to spend time with us but if she is home she tends to stay in her room or be with her boyfriend. We are having problems with cleanliness though. Since yesterday at 1 she had left a pot with cooked veggies in it on the stove and when we woke up at eight this morning it was still there. This grosses us out and is not very healthy if she thinks it is safe to put it in the fridge again. It could make her very sick. She has also been flushing stuff down the toilets that shouldn’t go down because it will severely clog them and we have already had to have them cleaned out completely twice and school has only been in session for a week. I was very excited about having an international student as a roommate because I wanted to learn new things about her culture but that is proving to be a limited experience.

The hardest part is the communication barrier. She doesn’t speak much English we don’t think and we just don’t know how to tell her that keeping the kitchen clean and stuff is a biggie, especially if you are leaving food out. We don’t want to get bugs and stuff, but we don’t want to offend her in any way. So advice is welcome on this part.

Other wise classes and work are going well. I am in the process of joining a sorority and everything so it should be a fun year. It is also my senior year.


Well I will write again later maybe. I need to do better at writing because even if it is over random stuff it is my outlet so that my depression doesn’t sneak up on me.


Have a wonderful day!


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