Well I decided that I am going to write a blog on what I’ve gone through in my past and how I’ve gotten to where I’m at now and I suppose just random day to day stuff. 

I went through some rough things in my past and had to make some choices that were hard and it took me a long time to heal because of it. I started to heal though when I met my mentor at school after writing a paper over cognitive dissonance and her calling me into her office and asking if I wanted to talk. She told me her story, which was similar to mine, and she has been there for me ever sense. 

I have realized that people are always going to judge and I am sure that some of what I write is not going to agree with some people and I’m sorry for that. But she made me realize that by telling my story even if just one person reads it who has gone through something similar that it helps. She is in her 40’s and besides family and close friends nobody really knows her story or they didn’t, but this past January I was involved in a women’s leadership retreat and not even knowing she was speaking there I went and she came up to me before hand and told me that I had inspired her to tell her story, that if me a 21 year old college student could do it, that she could it. It was touching and I almost cried. 

So this will be my life and the up’s and down’s and the turmoils and people may not always like what they read. 


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